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The Rockefeller Foundation, Carnegie Hall, and the Morgan Library illustrate various ways that entrepreneurs and their descendants have
a) suppressed the growth of labor unions
b) supported philanthropic activities to benefit society
c) applied scientific discoveries to industry
d) attempted to undermine the United States eco-nomic system

The American Federation of Labor became the first long-lasting, successful labor union in the United States mainly because it
a) refused to participate in strikes against employers
b) concentrated on organizing workers in industries in the South
c) formed its own political party and elected many prolabor public officials
d) fought for the rights of skilled workers

During the late 1800’s, a major reaction to the activities of labor unions in the United States was that
a) the press in most communities supported unions
b) United States Presidents opposed the use of Federal troops to end strikes called by organized labor
c) courts frequently issued injunctions to stop strikes
d) most factory workers quickly joined the unions

What was a major effect of the Agricultural Revolution in the United States during the late 1800s?
a) Unemployed factory workers could find jobs in agriculture
b) Food supplies were increased to feed urban dwellers.
c) The size of farms decreased.
d) United States farm exports decreased.

Nativism in the late 19th century was motivated primarily by
a) hostility toward immigrant workers
b) the need to reduce overcrowding in western states
c) cultural conflicts with Native American Indians
d) the migration of African Americans to northern cities

Which statement is closest to the philosophy of Social Darwinism?
a) The best way to economic recovery is to subsidize industry so that it will hire more workers and expand production.
b) If jobs are not available, the government must create jobs for those who are unemployed.
c) According to human nature, the most talented people will always come out on top.
d) Our government is responsible for the nation’s economic well-being.

A goal of the Granger and Populist movements was to
a) expand rights for African Americans
b) help western farmers fight unjust economic practices
c) provide support for the banking industry
d) enable big business to expand without government interference

“Transportation being a means of exchange and a public necessity, the government should own and operate the railroads in the interest of the people.” (1892) Which group showed the greatest support for this idea?
a) western farmers
b) union leaders
c) factory owners
d) railroad owners

A common characteristic of third political parties in the United States is that they
a) tend to focus on one person or one issue
b) come into existence only during periods of corruption
c) have dealt mainly with foreign policy issues
d) have frequently forced Congress to decide Presidential elections

A main goal of the Granger movement of the 1870’s and 1880’s was to
a) force the railroads to lower freight rates
b) reduce the rate of inflation
c) strengthen labor unions
d) improve living conditions in urban slums

-Free and unlimited coinage of silver -Government ownership of railroads -Graduated income tax Which of these political parties first proposed these reforms in its platform?
a) Republican Party in 1876
b) Populist Party in 1892
c) Bull-Moose Party 1912
d) Democratic Party in 1932

The Populists believed that most of the United States economic problems would be solved by establishing
a) currency reform (switich to silver as the main currency instead of gold)
b) postal savings banks
c) a national property tax
d) a renewed policy of open immigration

In the early 20th century, muckrakers were able to influence American society mainly through their
a) frequent acts of civil disobedience
b) activities as government officials
c) publication of articles and books
d) control over factories

Which conclusion can be drawn about the impact of the Populist and the Progressive parties on the United States?
a) Some third-party goals eventually become planks in the platforms of the major parties.
b) The United States has steadily moved from a two-party system to a multiparty system.
c) Religious ideals have most often motivated people to splinter away from major parties .
d) An increasing number of citizens have grown weary of party politics and fail to vote in elections.

which of the following economic trends affected farmers during the turn of the century
a) When production increases, prices decrease
b) When production increases, prices increase.
c) When production remains unchanged, prices decrease.
d) Prices and production are usually unrelated.

During the 1870’s and 1880’s, midwestern farmers found that earning a living was increasingly difficult because
a) prices of agricultural products were increasing
b) railroad companies charged high rates for transporting farm products
c) agricultural output was declining rapidly
d) farm labor was becoming more unionized

During the early 1900’s, the initiative, recall, and referendum were changes made in many states to give
a) citizens the right to choose Presidential candidates
b) voters greater direct participation in government
c) workers more rights in the collective bargain-ing process
d) business leaders more control over their industries

The Populist Party was important in United States history because it
a) succeeded in electing two presidential candidates
b) won control of many state governments
c) proposed ideas that later became law
d) achieved suffrage for African Americans

In the late 19th century, farmers desired “cheap money” policies because farmers believed that rising prices for their crops would
a) enable them to pay back their loans more easily
b) require banks to lend them more money at reduced interest rates
c) force manufacturers to reduce the prices of manufactured goods purchased by farmers
d) cause the price of undeveloped farmland to drop

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