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The Mongols invaded all of the following areas EXCEPT
a) Russia.
b) China.
c) Southeast Asia.
d) Southwest Asia.

Which of the following is NOT matched correctly?
a) Leonardo da Vinci- Mona Lisa
b) Michelangelo- The Last Supper
c) Petrarch- sonnets
d) Machiavelli- The Prince

Humanism included all of the following EXCEPT
a) emphasis on heaven and the afterlife.
b) the celebration of the individual and his abilities.
c) the study of Greek and Roman literature and culture.
d) the support of wealthy patrons.

A major difference between the Italian Renaissance and the Northern Renaissance was that the Northern artists portrayed more
a) religious subjects.
b) secular subjects.
c) Greek architecture.
d) Roman brutality.

Which group emerged as a force in Western Europe during the Age of Charlemagne?
a) Romans
b) Visigoths
c) Franks
d) Vikings

Under the three-field system, farmers planted
a) twice as many crops with the aid of a horse-drawn plow.
b) 2/3 of their land, leaving 1/3 fallow each season.
c) 2/3 of their land in grain, leaving 1/3 for orchards.
d) two fields for themselves, leaving one field for serfs and peasants.

By signing Magna Carta, the king agreed to
a) obtain the consent of the nobles before raising new taxes.
b) oppose the power of the Holy Roman Emperor.
c) reform the English legal system.
d) expanded the representation in Parliament.

A fief is
a) a noble who receives land from a high lord.
b) a serf who pays land to his lord.
c) the plot of land a knight recieves for his protection.
d) the relationship between a monarch and a serf.

The feudal lord who invaded and conquered England in 1066 was
a) Hugh Capet.
b) Harold the Saxon.
c) Frederick Barbarossa.
d) William of Normandy.

The effects of the Crusades include all of the following EXCEPT
a) weakened the Pope and nobles.
b) stimulated trade throughout the Mediterranean area.
c) strengthened the Byzantine Empire.
d) left a legacy of bitterness between Christians, Muslims, and Jews.

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