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The Homestead Act, the mass killing of buffalo, and the completion of the transcontinental railroad are most closely associated with the
a) rise of organized labor
b) building of the Erie Canal
c) northern migration of African Americans
d) decline of the Plains Indians

During the late 1800s, many North American Indian tribes were sent to reservations that were located
a) along the major rivers and lakes of the Midwest
b) near large cities in the Northwest
c) in sparsely populated regions of the West
d) east of the Mississippi River

The closing of the frontier and the growth of industry in the late 1800s are two factors often associated with the
a) reduction of exports to Asian nations
b) restoration of a plantation economy in the South
c) formation of alliances with other nations
d) rise of United States imperialism

The Homestead Act of 1862 helped the development of the West by
a) providing free land to settlers
b) granting land for construction of transcontinental railroads
c) allowing slavery to spread to the territories
d) placing Native American Indians on reservations

The Homestead Act was important in the growth of the West because it
a) set aside reservations for Native American Indians
b) created the Department of Agriculture to aid farmers
c) encouraged settlement of the Great Plains
d) provided land to build a canal system

The passage of the Dawes Act in 1887 was primarily an attempt by the United States government to
a) limit the power of the Bureau of Indian Affairs
b) return eastern land to Native American Indian tribes
c) encourage Native American Indians to give up their traditional cultures
d) hire Native American Indians as military scouts

The purpose of the Homestead Act of 1862, which provided free federal land, was to
a) encourage settlement of the West
b) set up reservations for Native American Indians
c) establish land-grant agricultural colleges
d) assist in the construction of transcontinental railroads

The aim of the Dawes Act of 1887 was to
a) restore previously taken land to Native American Indian tribes
b) maintain traditional Native American Indian cultures
c) assimilate Native American Indians into American culture
d) end all governmental contact with Native American Indians

The Indian Wars that occurred between 1860 and 1890 were mainly the result of
a) disputes over the spread of slavery
b) conflict with Mexico over Texas and California
c) the search for gold in California
d) the movement of settlers onto the Great Plains

I am tired of fighting.... Hear me, my chiefs. I am tired. My heart is sick and sad. From where the sun now stands, I shall fight no more forever! In this statement, Chief Joseph expressed his reluctant acceptance of a gov't policy of
a) placing Native American Indian tribes on reservations
b) requiring Native American Indians to settle west of the Mississippi River
c) granting immediate citizenship to Native American Indians
d) forcing Native American Indians to assimilate into American culture

In which pair of events did the first event most directly influence the second?
a) discovery of gold in California -- Louisiana Purchase
b) building of the transcontinental railroad -- disappearance of the frontier
c) settling of the Oregon Territory -- passage of the Homestead Act
d) assimilation of Native American Indians into American society -- passage of the Dawes Act

Which characteristic of the American frontier continues to be an important part of life in the United States today?
a) widespread support for the Populist Party
b) necessity for families to have many children
c) a predominantly agricultural and mining economy
d) significant opportunities for social and economic mobility

In the late 1800’s, the goal of the Federal Government’s policy toward Native American Indians was to
a) destroy tribal bonds and thus weaken their traditional cultural values
b) grant them full citizenship and due process
c) give their tribal groups authority over their own affairs
d) increase the land holdings of western tribes

In the period from 1860 to 1900, the Federal Government encouraged the settlement of the West by
a) passing an increased number of liberal immigration laws
b) selling the most fertile public land to Native American Indians
c) providing free transportation to settlers moving to the frontier
d) granting tracts of land to railroad companies to encourage construction

The passage of the Homestead Act and the completion of the transcontinental railroad helped to fulfill the United States commitment to
a) Reconstruction
b) racial equality
c) manifest destiny
d) conservation of natural resources

''Buffalo hunters have done more in the last two years, and will do more in the next year, to settle the . . . Indian question than the entire regular army has done in the last 30 years'' What was the result of the process described in the quote
a) Native American Indians were granted farmland under the Homestead Act.
b) The disappearance of their economic base helped drive Native American Indians onto reservations.
c) Many Native American Indians moved to Eastern cities to work in factories
d) Most Native American Indians migrated to Canada to find new ways to earn a living.

In the period from 1860 to 1890, which experience was shared by most Native Americans living in western states?
a) They maintained control of their traditional lands.
b) They benefited economically from government policy.
c) They became farmers and small business owners.
d) They were forced to live on reservations.

The mechanization of agriculture in the United States led directly to
a) an increase in production
b) less dependence on railroads by farmers
c) fewer agricultural exports
d) the decreasing size of the average farm

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