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What is the setting of The Monsters are Due on Maple Street?
a) Maple Street
b) New York City
c) Chicago
d) Floral Street

After the flash of light and loud sound, what happens to the people on Maple Street?
a) they go about their day like nothing happened
b) their power goes out and phones, cars and lights stop working
c) Tommy gets shot
d) it starts to rain

What is the mood at the opening of the play?
a) peaceful
b) joyful
c) suspicious
d) exhausted

What is Tommy's explanation for what is happening?
a) it was thunder because a storm is coming
b) there was no flash
c) aliens have landed
d) it was a weather balloon

What first causes neighbors to suspect Les Goodman is from outer space?
a) he just moved into the neighborhood
b) he is single
c) he is tall
d) his car starts on its own

Whom or what does Charlie shoot with the shotgun and why does he shoot him?
a) Tommy for telling lies
b) Steve Brand for not supporting him
c) Pete Van Horn because he thinks he is an alien
d) The women for being hysetrical

Who does Charlie use as a scapegoat after shooting Pete Van Horn?
a) Steve Brand
b) Tommy
c) Les Goodman
d) Sally

Who is really behind the power going out?
a) aliens
b) the electric company
c) Steven Brand
d) Les Goodman

The theme of the play can best be expressed as
a) aliens may live among us
b) when faced with strange events, people in a small town bring their own destruction
c) there are no such things as monsters
d) we as humans are our worst enemy

The main conflict in the play is
a) between the aliens and people
b) people the people themselves
c) between Charlie and Steve
d) between Charlie and Tommy

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