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How Can Individuals And Interest Groups Influence Public Policy?[print questions]

'PETA Backs Candidate with a Big Donation!' According to this newspaper, the interest group was influencing public policy by -
a) gathering data
b) making political contributions
c) identifying issues
d) taking part in a demonstration

'20 Million Dollars Spend by Media Groups on Lobbying' According to this newspaper, in which activity were these media groups most likely involved?
a) Attempting to influence a new law
b) Regulating local advertisements
c) Investing in new technologies
d) Gathering national data

'The propose dam will harm wildlife habitat downstream.' The interest group that made this statement is trying to influence public policy by -
a) making political contributions
b) representing a specific industry
c) leading a demonstration
d) identifying an issue

What can a citizen do to get elected officials to respond to his/her wishes about an issue?
a) Write legislation
b) Regulate business
c) Gather data
d) Join an interest group

Willa Slaboda works for the Milk Council and tries to influence legislators to vote on dairy bills. Mrs. Slaboda is a -
a) regulator
b) lawyer
c) plaintiff
d) lobbyist

If you will be 17 years old on the day of the election, you can participate in the democratic process by -
a) voting
b) registering to vote when you are 18
c) volunteering to count votes
d) volunteering to pass out campaign literature

When the president gives a televised speech (the speech is one TV), he/she is -
a) gathering national data
b) volunteering for a political campaign
c) using the media to communicate with the public
d) making political contributions

Letters to the editor of a newspaper influence public policy by -
a) reporting the facts of a story without bias
b) offering a forum for expressing opposing viewpoints
c) lobbying government officials
d) providing a way for people to volunteer

The course of action chosen by government officials to solve a problem is called -
a) representative government
b) opportunity cost
c) fiscal policy
d) public policy

The media includes television, radio, newspapers, magazines, and -
a) libraries
b) telephones
c) the Internet
d) conferences

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