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What type of fiction is The Flight of Icarus?
a) Folk tale
b) Myth
c) Editorial
d) Biography

What do we learn about Daedalus in lines 10-12?
a) He was an ingenious artist, but does not control the air?
b) He was not an ingenious artist, but Icarus was.
c) His son wanted to escape by flying, and he did not want to try.
d) He did not control the air and wanted to escape by running away during the night.

In lines 4-12, what does Daedalus and Icarus want?
a) They want to stay on the island because it is safe.
b) They wanted King Minos to help them escape,
c) They want to escape from the island of Crete.
d) They wanted to pay the king money in return for their freedom.

How many sets of wings does Daedalus make?
a) 4
b) 1
c) 8
d) 2

Who says the following line, No human being has ever traveled through the air before... Keep at moderate height...Keep near me and you will be safe?
a) Icarus
b) Daedalus
c) King Minos
d) Plowmen

What instructions did Icarus fail to listen to?
a) He flew too low and could not see in the fog.
b) He flew at a moderate height.
c) He flew to high and the sun melted the wax.
d) He flew to the east and was out of the sight of his father.

Daedalus was crazed by anxiety. What does this mean?
a) Daedalus had an uneasy and worried feeling.
b) Daedalus was happy to see Icarus fly to freedom.
c) Daedalus became afraid and wanted to go back to the island.
d) Daedalus was upset and mad at Icarus.

What characteristic of a myth is shown when Daedalus and Icarus are able to fly and the people think they are gods.
a) It shows the values of a culture.
b) It shows an event that cannot happen in real life.
c) It shows the origins of natural phenomena.
d) It shows how characters create inventions.

What land did Daedalus name in honor of his son?
a) Crete
b) Sicily
c) Mt. Olympus
d) Icarian

What god did Daedalus build a temple for when he arrived in Sicily?
a) Apollo
b) Zeus
c) Poseidon
d) Dionysius

When something is kept within certain limits
a) Extreme
b) Moderate
c) Decreased
d) Uneven

The strength and courage someone has
a) Prowess
b) Powers
c) Skills
d) Possessions

Uneasy, worried feeling
a) Unhealthy
b) Unbalanced
c) Anxiety
d) Wretched

When someone does something in a quick and nervous way
a) Happily
b) Frantically
c) Unenthusiastically
d) Carefully

A traditional story that attempts to answer basic questions about human nature
a) Folk tale
b) Legend
c) Myth
d) Epic

A message about human life that a writer shares with the reader
a) Theme
b) Resolution
c) Moral
d) Central Idea

It is always best to listen to others and knowing your place are examples of
a) Lessons of The Flight of Icarus
b) Myths of The Flight of Icarus
c) Themes of The Flight of Icarus
d) Resolutions of The Flight of Icarus

Who was enraged when Theseus escaped from the labyrinth?
a) King Minos
b) Zeus
c) Crete
d) Hera

What type of feathers did Daedalus tell Icarus to gather?
a) Vultures
b) Eagles
c) Doves
d) Seagulls

Why couldn't Daedalus fly after and follow Icarus?
a) He was older.
b) He was heavier.
c) He was knew better than to fly so high.
d) He knew his son was fine.

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