Unit 3/4 Test - Economics And History Of SW Asia Question Preview (ID: 21575)

This Covers The Standards SS7G6, SS7E5, SS7E6, SS7E7, And SS7H2.[print questions]

In the SW Asia region, oil is _________________ but water is _______________.
a) plentiful, scarce
b) wanted, unwanted
c) scarce, plentiful
d) unwanted, wanted

When the government is ruled by religious leaders it is a;
a) Secular government
b) Aristocracy
c) Democracy
d) Theocracy

What is the role of entrepreneurship in a region like SW Asia?
a) To develop new and innovative businesses or products to increase the regions deficit and move them to a one-crop economy.
b) To develop new and innovative businesses or products to increase the regions standard of living and GDP.
c) To develop new and innovative businesses or products so as to improve old irrigation methods.
d) To develop new and innovative businesses or products to increase human capital.

Which of the following is not one of the four methods of desalination?
a) Membrane
b) Hydroelectric
c) Solar
d) Freezing

Which Middle East country is a Theocratic Republic?
a) Israel
b) Iraq
c) Iran
d) Saudi Arabia

What was the international movement that called for the establishment of a Jewish national or religious community in the land of Palestine?
a) Holocaust
b) Zionism
c) Anti-Semitism
d) Nazism

What caused the split between the Shia and the Sunni?
a) The Shia thought Muhammad was not the prophet
b) Whether Muhammad's replacement had to be his descendent (Shia) or not (Sunni)
c) Disagreement over which month Ramadan should be held in
d) Sunni thought Medina should be the Holy City

What current event convinced Jesus' followers that he was the Messiah?
a) Resurrection three days after being crucified
b) Message of love God and love others
c) Telling about God's judgement of humanity
d) Message of love and forgiveness

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have all of the following in common except;
a) Holy books
b) Followers can eat whatever they want
c) One God
d) Developed in SW Asia

When a company or country only focuses on what they do best, increasing the skill level of employees and improving output.
a) Entrepreneurship
b) Capital
c) Embargo
d) Specialization

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