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Which property of soil could students determine by rubbing a sample between their fingers?
a) texture of the soil
b) the soil's ability to support life
c) the color of the soil
d) the processes that formed the soil

Students poured 200 mL of water through a soil sample. They collected and measured the water that drained from the soil. The water collected had a volume of 110 mL. How much water did the soil retain?
a) 200mL
b) 110mL
c) 90mL
d) 310mL

Why is soil studied by scientists?
a) Because soil has many layers
b) Because soil retention affects the water cycle and the living organisms on Earth
c) Because soil is found everywhere so it is easily studied by scientists
d) Because soil has many different colors and textures

Which of the following is NOT a component of soil?
a) plastic
b) water
c) animal
d) air

A student places radish seeds in four pots. Each pot has different types of soil. He places the pots by a sunny window and gives each pot the same amount of water each day. Which of the following is a question the student is trying to answer
a) Will different seeds grow the same when planted in soil
b) Will taking away one of a plants basic needs effect its growth
c) Which type of soil supports the growth of plants

Students conducted an investigation to determine which soil retained the most water. They recorded their results. Which soil retained the most water?
a) Sample A - Poured 100mL - Collected 50mL
b) Sample B - Poured 100mL - Collected 30mL
c) Sample C - Poured 100mL - Collected 95mL

A student was observing types of soil and wrote down his observations. Based on the words used, which physical property of soil is the student observing? Sample A - Rough, hard - Sample B - Gritty, bumpy - Sample C - smooth, soft
a) Shape
b) Color
c) Texture
d) Size

What is the meaning of the word texture?
a) Describes how the soil looks
b) Describes how the soil feels
c) Describes how much water the soil holds
d) Describes the color

Which type of soil holds the most water?
a) silt
b) topsoil
c) sand
d) Clay

What is meant by the amount of water retained?
a) Amount of water released from soil
b) Amount of water poured into soil
c) Amount of water absorbed or held

What makes each soil different?
a) Texture
b) Color
c) Retains different amounts of water
d) All of the above

What does soil contain that supports plant life?
a) Nutrients and water
b) Water and texture
c) Nutrients and soil

Which physical property of soil determines how much water it will retain?
a) Texture
b) Particle size
c) Amount of soil
d) Color of soil

Complete the sentence. The smaller the particles,
a) the less water retained.
b) the more water is retained.

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