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Which best describes the most basic social unit of any culture? (ANALYZE)
a) family
b) government
c) church
d) village

Which of the following is true of most social classes today? (APPLY)
a) People in most societies cannot improve their status.
b) They are based mainly on gender.
c) People can improve their status by getting a good education.
d) They are based mainly on age.

2. What function do geographers learn when they study human-environment interaction? (ANALYZE)
a) how schools are run
b) how the climate changes
c) how agriculture develops
d) people and their environment affect each other

What are three important components of a culture? (ANALYZE)
a) weather, technology, and writing
b) natural resources, landforms, and climate.
c) economy, population growth, and climate.
d) language, social class, and religious beliefs.

What evidence below is an example of invisible culture? (APPLY)
a) Literature
b) Music
c) Eating habits
d) Religious beliefs

Which word below is the best synonym for stereotype? (INTEGRATE)
a) Group
b) Racial
c) Race
d) People

Which term means, people’s occupations, their behavior, and their beliefs? (APPLY)
a) government
b) culture
c) technology
d) climate

Which of the following describes the rapid exchange of ideas in the computer age as it has increased globally? (GENERATE)
a) growth of communism.
b) number of religions in the world
c) rate of cultural change.
d) growth of extended families.

In developed nations, the basic unit is known as the ____ family. (KNOWLEDGE)
a) nuclear
b) global
c) single-parent
d) extended

What developments led to the rapid increase in world population is the last 200 years? (ANALYZE)
a) A decline in migration
b) Improvements in healthcare and agriculture
c) A decrease in the standard of living
d) Improvements in technology and communication

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