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ADA stands for:
a) Americans with Disability Act
b) Americans Disabled Act
c) Americans Disabled Alliance
d) All Disabled Americans

Which one of the following is NOT covered by ADA?
a) Gender Identity Disorder
b) Autism
c) Cancer
d) Bi polar disorder

ADA prevents employers from discriminating against the disabled for a job if
a) reasonable accommodations can be made
b) they have detailed medical records that prove their disability
c) their disability was on the list of disabilities in 1990
d) the employers has more than 1000 employees in the US

A disability is defined as:
a) having a condition that significantly impairs life activities
b) being on the official ADA list of conditions
c) not being able to move about or use the senses as a typical American
d) any mental or physical condition that a doctor can verify

Which of the following is NOT a reasonable accommodation?
a) Change in pay
b) Given an interpreter
c) Change in facility
d) Change in equipment

ADA covers
a) all private employers and government agencies
b) only federal government agencies
c) only private employers
d) only local and state government agencies

Which of the following does ADA NOT require governments provide access to those with disabilities?
a) Private Cars
b) Busses
c) Buildings
d) Public housing

Which of the following may be excluded from providing public accommodations to the disabled?
a) Historic buildings and private clubs
b) Movie theaters and Libraries
c) Historic buildings and schools
d) Movie theaters and Hotels

Which year was ADA passed and amended?
a) Passed 1990; Amended 2009
b) Passed 1990; Amended 2014
c) Passed 1995; Amended 2009
d) Passed 1995; Amended 2014

Which of the following would apply to schools that is related to ADA?
a) Discrimination based on disability and building accessbility
b) Only discrimination based on disability
c) Only building accessibility
d) Discrimination based on any non-average trait

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