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This person has studied and continues to study the art of cooking and works at learning the foundation skills and techniques of the profession.
a) home cook
b) culinarian
c) customarian
d) vegetarian

The five basic tastes are
a) salt, sour, bitter, sweet and umami
b) salt, bitter sweet, earthy and sour
c) spicy, salt, butter, umami and sour
d) creamy, rich salt, bitter and sweet

What advantage has led employer to value culinary graduates in hiring?
a) culinary graduates are smarter than on-the-job training candidates
b) on-the-job training gives candidates more experience in techniques
c) culinary graduates have experience with a wide variety of techniques, cuisine theories, and ingredients.
d) culinary graduates are younger

What is a workstation?
a) a work area in the kitchen dedicated to a particular task, such as broiling or salad-making
b) a work area in the dining room for rolling silverware and serving guests
c) a work area dedicated to different tasks
d) a work area where supplies are stored

The hot foods work section contains:
a) hot beverage station, cold beverage station, alcoholic beverage station
b) holding and plating, broiler station
c) steam cooking and dry heat cooking, roasting and broiling
d) holding, broiler station, fry station, griddle station

The garde manger section includes
a) fry station, broiler station, holding and griddle station
b) salad greens cleaning, salad preparation, cold food preparation, sandwich preparation
c) holding and plating, fry station, broiler station
d) hot beverage station, cold beverage station

The bakery section contains
a) the fry station, the broiler station, the holding station
b) salad cleaning station, salad preparation station, sandwich preparation station
c) hot beverage station, cold beverage station, alcoholic beverage station
d) mixing station, dough baking and proofing, baking and cooling

The short order section contains
a) holding and plating, griddle station, fry station, broiler station
b) holding, broiler , griddle station, saute/sauces station
c) mixing station, dough holding and proofing, baking and coolin
d) salad green cleaning, salad preparation, sandwich station

This man created the kitchen and dining room brigade system to improve the reputation of food workers in France
a) Apicius
b) Escoffier
c) Boulanger
d) Mitterand

A foodservice operation is generally divided into these two areas
a) front of the house and back of the house
b) front zone and back zone
c) front area and back area
d) front of the establishment and back of the establishment

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