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Insolubility refers to poorly soluble compounds, however, there are few cases when there is NO material dissolved. Is this statement TRUE or FALSE?
a) true
b) false

How does temperature affect solubility?
a) solubility is not affected by temperature
b) solubility decreases with an increase in temperature
c) solubility increases with an increase in temperature

What is the most common solvent in everyday life?
a) water
b) ethanol
c) carbon containing chemicals
d) all of the above

What is the definition of a solute?
a) a mixture of two solutions
b) what gets dissolved into a solvent
c) water

In a solution (which is a mixture of a solute and a solvent) which do you typically have more of?
a) solute
b) solvent
c) the same amount of both

What is solubility?
a) the ability of a given substance (solute) to dissolve into a solvent
b) the ability of a given substance (solvent) to dissolve into a solute

The rate of solution is a measure of how fast a substance dissolves. Which is a factor that determines the rate of solution?
a) heat
b) color
c) weight
d) size

What are the main factors that affect solubility?
a) temperature
b) nature of the solvent
c) nature of the solute
d) all of the above

I want to increase the rate of dissolving of the sugar in my tea. What should I do?
a) chill the tea
b) add more sugar
c) stir the tea
d) wait patiently

Solubility is a ____change.
a) physical
b) chemical
c) mechanical
d) technical

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