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Which list contains only objects made up of atoms?
a) steel, water, sand, dolphin
b) light, rock, apple, squirrel
c) palm tree, electricity, salt, air
d) paper, vinegar, heat helium

Which basic units of matter have the same properties as an element?
a) protons
b) neutrons
c) atoms
d) electrons

All matter in a pitcher of lemonade is made up of what?
a) molecules in atoms
b) atoms in molecules
c) human-made materials
d) single elements

Atoms combine to form what?
a) protons
b) electrons
c) atoms
d) molecules

Which of the following is not made of atoms?
a) pizza
b) socks
c) love
d) cells

In order to determine if two atoms are copper (Cu) atoms, what must be the same for each?
a) the number of valence electrons
b) the number of protons
c) the charge of the atom
d) the size of the atom

Aluminum is an element. Which of the following best describes the smallest particle of aluminum that retains all the properties of aluminum?
a) A molecule
b) an atom
c) a proton
d) an electron

The separate atoms that make up a wooden table cannot be seen because the atoms are _____.
a) moving too fast
b) packed tightly together
c) too small
d) hidden beneath the surface

A sample of matter is made of identical particles. The sample could be ______.
a) an element
b) an atom
c) a molecule
d) a mixture

The Greek philosopher Aristotle described matter with the phrase “unable to be divided.” The modern concept that grew from Aristotle’s idea is the ____.
a) atom
b) proton
c) neutron
d) electron

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