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Why was Descartes concerned with solving the mind/ body problem with Cartesian Dualism?
a) He disliked the church and wanted to show, through math, that Christians were wrong
b) He wanted to show science and religion could exist and work together
c) He disliked science and wanted to show, through theology and faith, that scientists were wrong
d) He wanted to show science and religion were both wrong; the evil genius is at it again

How did Descartes define himself?
a) As a mystery that cant be understood by using math
b) As an evil genius sent to trick society
c) As a corporeal thing - a body
d) As a thinking substance/ thing

Which of the following is NOT true? (is false?)
a) The soul is not a solid thing like an organ - it is distributed through your body via blood
b) we can thinking without referring to our bodies
c) The soul is more important/ dominates the body
d) Science can study the body without being able to explain the soul; the soul is understand through theology

According to Cartesian Dualism, which is true of the mind/body relationship?
a) The mind and body are physically connected; if ones dies, the other dies as well
b) The mind/ body relationship is a trick; the evil genius wants us to spend time thinking about the problem
c) The body is like any other matter subject to the laws of nature but the mind/soul is operating under a separate set of laws
d) The mind and the body are mysterious and humans are incapable of understanding how either of them work

Math, like 2+3=5, is reliable because nothing has to exist it to be true. This is describe as which of the following?
a) a posteriori
b) Cogito, Ergo Sum
c) a priori
d) Cartesian Dualism

Descartes rejects the reliability of sense knowledge by pointing out that ____.
a) some people are color blind without being aware of it
b) this whole world might be a dream
c) the worm is unaware that it is destined to be a butterfly
d) religious disputes cannot be settled by facts

What is Descartes' Ontological Argument?
a) The explanation of how the world came to be
b) How Descartes and others prove God's existence based on how God is seen to be
c) The argument that an evil genius really does exist
d) The explanation of the mind/body problem

The reason why Descartes believes that God is an innate idea is because...
a) we haven't experienced a perfect God via our senses, yet we have the idea of a perfect God, an idea we cant expand on
b) Descartes' soul went to the realm of forms and learned it
c) it is clear to us by looking at the perfect world that we live in that there must be a perfect being as well
d) ancient thinkers like Plato have provided us enough evidence that God has to exist

God must exist because...
a) we wouldn't have bodies without a God
b) God is whatever we want God to be, its all a relative position
c) we can't think of God not existing as that would mean God isn't perfect and we have a clear idea of a perfect God
d) God personally came to Descartes and told him to spread faith to humanity

If God exists, then...
a) the evil genius can't exist; God is perfect and wouldnt allow for it
b) we are all going to hell for not the word of God
c) science ceases to exist
d) there is no point in living as we are incapable of having free will

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