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Who said this: “Evil exists not because of human nature, but because of society.”
a) Locke
b) Hobbes
c) Voltaire
d) Rousseau

Who said that people should overthrow a bad government?
a) Locke
b) Hobbes
c) Voltaire
d) Rousseau

What was the name of the book and movie that made fun of society’s problems by telling the story of a sea voyage of a British doctor?
a) Gulliver’s travels
b) Inferno
c) All Quiet on the Western Front
d) Teh Prince

A _______________________ is a complete and radical change.
a) concentration
b) revolution
c) blitzkrieg
d) entagling alliance

Which of the following is a reason why a revolution might happen?
a) economic problems
b) Nationalism
c) social injustice
d) all of these are correct

Which of the following is a reason why a revolution might happen?
a) Unpopular method of rule
b) Religious intolerance
c) Enlightenment ideas
d) all of these are correct

What did Mr. Murray do to get the class to want to revolt?
a) danced
b) made up fake school rules
c) gave too much homework
d) sang

Before the French Revolution, French society was divided into three _____________.
a) houses
b) parliaments
c) estates
d) nations

Before the Revolution, which Estate paid most of the taxes?
a) First
b) Second
c) Third

Why was France in debt before the Revolution?
a) natural disaster
b) government spent money on wars and Versailles
c) government spent money on moon pies and penny whistles
d) the lower class was not taxed

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