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The layer of earth's atmosphere where people live is called the _____________.
a) thermosphere
b) stratosphere
c) troposphere

The highest layer of Earth's atmosphere is the ______________.
a) mesosphere
b) troposphere
c) thermosphere
d) stratosphere

The layer of earth that protects us from the suns UV rays is called the ____________
a) ozone layer
b) thermosphere
c) troposphere

An organism that survives in extreme environments is called an ________________________.
a) extremeorganism
b) extremeophile
c) extremite

The first organisms on Earth were called ________________.
a) dinosaurs
b) cyanobacteria
c) flowers

The theory of how continents have moved over time is called _____________.
a) plate drift
b) continental drift
c) pangea drift

The word debris means
a) the sitting water on a street
b) the remains of something that was destroyed
c) the final product of manufacturing

The word molten means ________________.
a) Hardened into solid rock.
b) Melted into a liquid.

The outer layer of Earth is called ______________.
a) the core
b) the mantle
c) the stratosphere
d) the crust

The hot center of the earth is the
a) crust
b) core
c) mantle

An opening in earth that lets out gases and other materials is a ____________.
a) earthquake
b) vent
c) mountain

The crust that makes up the ocean floor is called the __________________.
a) core
b) oceanic crust
c) mantle
d) continental crust

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