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Which of the following was NOT one of the ways the Aztecs got more land for farming?
a) They bought land from their neighbors.
b) They developed an irrigation system
c) They carved terraces into hillsides
d) They created floating gardens.

How did the Aztecs extend their borders to read from the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans/
a) by c onquoring other peoples in the Valley of Mexico
b) by recieving rewards for their sacrifices
c) by honoring the god of war
d) by following the instructions of their gods

What was developed as a result of the Mayan study of the movements of the planets and stars?
a) an extremely accurate calendar
b) a specialized type of corn
c) an extremely accurate road system
d) an extremely accurate horscope

What resulted from the Mayan food surplus?
a) Some Maya began to specialize.
b) Some Maya began to farm.
c) Some Maya donated to the poor.
d) Some Maya studied agriculture.

Who traveled from Asia to America 2,500 years ago and stayed near the Arctic Ocean?
a) the Inuit
b) the anasazi
c) the Maya
d) the Inca

How did the Anasazi become successful farmers in the desert?
a) The dug ditches to carry water from steams to their crops.
b) They dug wells for the water they needed
c) They grew plants that did do not need water.
d) They lived near streams and had plenty of water

Which statement is NOT true.
a) The Inuit are successful farmers.
b) The inuit hunt walruses
c) The Inuit still build igloos
d) The Inuit developed the kayak

Who traveled from Asia to Amercia 2,500 years ago and stayed near the Arctic Ocean?
a) the Anasazi
b) the Inuit
c) the Maya
d) The Inca

What does the fact that Mound Builders were able to build such enormous structures tell about them.
a) They were well organized
b) They are dependable
c) They were trustworthy
d) They were kind

Which of the following is NOT true about the Anasazi?
a) They ate nothing but the animals they hunted.
b) They were the first to use irrigation in what is now the United States.
c) They grew corn, squash, beans and pumpkins.
d) They were known as the cliff dwellers.

What was the effect of agriculture on the way of life of the early peoples?
a) They settled in one place.
b) They didn't hunt anymore.
c) They started to go to school
d) They became farmers.

What was one purpose of the mounds built by the Mound Builders?
a) burial place for important chiefs
b) field separator for crops
c) collection spot for extra soil
d) foundation for buildings

Which best describes what happened to early peoples when large Ice Age animals died out?
a) They become hunters-gathers
b) They became vegetarians.
c) They became extinct.
d) They became farmers.

How did early Americans get food during the Ice Age?
a) They hunted animals.
b) They grew vegetables.
c) They grew grains.
d) They raised animals.

Wher did most early people live during the Ice Age?
a) wherever food was found
b) in California
c) in a valley
d) next to a water source

What is one theory about why early peoples migrated from Asia to the Americas?
a) Hunters followed animals.
b) Horses were plentiful.
c) Land was free.
d) No dieases existed.

What is one theory about how early peoples migrated from Asia to the Americas/
a) They walked across a land bridge.
b) They came with Columbus.
c) They came on horseback.
d) They rode of mammoths and caribous

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