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Slamming on the brakes will make you _______________ forward.
a) lurch
b) spasm
c) grimace
d) embarrassing

You will see vast areas of treeless ________________.
a) embarrassing
b) tundra
c) horizon
d) compass

The sun was setting behind the ___________________.
a) extension
b) rigid
c) tundra
d) horizon

John couldn't bend the rod, it was too _______________.
a) tenderness
b) spasm
c) rigid
d) lurch

In the haze you could only see a ______________ outline of the city.
a) vague
b) lurch
c) grimace
d) horizon

Father added an ________________ cord so the plug would reach.
a) tenderness
b) rigid
c) legal
d) extension

I used my ___________________ to find the right direction.
a) tundra
b) rigid
c) compass
d) legal

The mother touched the baby with ____________________.
a) massive
b) tenderness
c) embarrassing
d) spasm

The ________________ rock was hard for the workmen to move.
a) rigid
b) extension
c) massive
d) vague

During a fire drill you should never ________________.
a) legal
b) panic
c) lurch
d) spasm

It was so __________________ when I burped out loud.
a) embarrassing
b) vague
c) tenderness
d) grimace

Matt needed help reading all the ________________ paper work.
a) vague
b) spasm
c) legal
d) audible

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