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How did the Catholic Church feel about the Scientific Revolution?
a) They were for it
b) They were against it

Before the Scientific Revolution, people decided what was true by reading the ______.
a) science books
b) encyclopedia
c) Bible
d) maps

Galileo argued that the _________________________ was the center of the universe.
a) Earth
b) Sun
c) Moon
d) Pluto

What happened to Galileo because he taught things that the Catholic Church did not agree with?
a) He was given a medal
b) He was burned at the stake
c) he was deported
d) he was put on house arrest

Why did the Catholic Church make Galileo say he was wrong?
a) Galileo was possessed by the devil
b) If he didn’t, the Church would look like they were wrong
c) He was wrong
d) Isaac Newton became a Priest

Which of these is NOT one of the 4 Enlightenment Thinkers that we studied?
a) Hobbes
b) Locke
c) Voltaire
d) Marx

Who would say this: “Students have had to give up their freedom to stand with their friends in the hall in order to make sure there are fewer fights and all students are safe.”
a) Hobbes
b) Locke
c) Voltaire
d) Rousseau

Who would say this: “Enslaving people because of their race is evil, we need to crush this evil thing!”
a) Hobbes
b) Locke
c) Voltaire
d) Rousseau

Which Enlightenment thinker used humor to make fun of society?
a) Hobbes
b) Locke
c) Voltaire
d) Rousseau

________________ is using humor to make fun of society’s problems.
a) Sarcasm
b) Pun
c) Irony
d) Satire

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