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Groundwater is difficult to clean up because groundwater recharges slowly and pollutants cling to the materials that make up and aquifer.
a) True
b) False

Why is point-source pollution easier to control than nonpoint-source pollution?
a) Point source is easier because the source of the pollutant is known.
b) Point source is easier because the source of the pollution is unknown.

Biomagnification is
a) The buildup of pollutants at higher levels of the food chain
b) The process of water evaporating from oceans
c) The process of water evaporating from plants
d) The process of pollutants evaporating from animals

How does heat act as a water pollutant?
a) It slows down the flow of water
b) It speeds up chemical reactions
c) It increases the nutrients in the water
d) It decreases oxygen in the water

Which of the following is an example of nonpoint source pollution?
a) chemical factory
b) livestock feedlot
c) oil spill
d) waste water treatment plant

Thermal pollution has a harmful effect on aquatic environments because
a) water has been circulated around power-plant generators
b) it increases the number of disease causing organisms in aquatic environments
c) it reduces the amount of dissolved oxygen in aquatic environments
d) it decreases the nutrient levels in aquatic environments

Oil pollution in the ocean is mostly caused by
a) a major spill
b) the cumulative effect of small oil spills and leaks on land
c) decomposed plastic materials
d) intentional dumping of excess oil

pumping large amounts of water from an aquifer may cause the
a) water table to rise
b) recharge zone to shrink
c) well in an area to run dry
d) percolation of groundwater to stop

Which of the following pollutants causes artificial eutrophication?
a) heavy metals from unlined landfills
b) inorganic plant nutrients from a waste water treatment plant
c) toxic chemicals from factories
d) radioactive waste from nuclear power plants

Which of the following is NOT an example of point-source pollution?
a) oil that is escaping from a damaged tanker.
b) heavy metals that are leaching out of an underground mine
c) water runoff from residential lawns.
d) untreated sewage that is accidentally released from a wastewater treatment plant

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