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Which biome averages the most amount of annual precipitation?
a) deciduous forest
b) tropical rain forest
c) temperate rain forest
d) grassland

What are the most important climate factors that define a biome?
a) temperature and precipitation
b) temperature and soil
c) soil and longitude
d) precipitation and soil

Which of the following characteristics of the temperate grasslands biome are accurate?
a) extremely warm and variable precipitation
b) extremely warm and extremely dry
c) variable temperatures and moderate precipitation
d) moderate temperatures and high precipitation

Which species would live in the tundra?
a) snakes
b) kangaroos
c) polar bears
d) gazelles

Biomes are classified by all of the following EXCEPT
a) longitude
b) climate
c) latitude
d) plant species

A ___________ is characterized by the ecosystems that make it up.
a) rain forest
b) biome
c) desert
d) tundra

Plant life in a biome is mostly a result of the biome's
a) latitude and geographical features
b) temperature and precipiation
c) longitude and latitude
d) latitude and altitude

Which type of animal is most likely to be found living in temperate grassland biomes?
a) thick-furred predators
b) ectothermic reptiles
c) large grazing mammals
d) small rodent-like animals

As latitude increases in the northern hemisphere, the biome changes to taiga and then to tundra. What other type of change can result in similar ecosystem shifts as observed with increasing latitude?
a) increasing elevation, such as going up a high mountain range
b) increasing longitude
c) moving inland from the coast, such as following a long river
d) seasonal changes from summer to winter

Why is the tundra dominated by short shrubs and low lying plants?
a) The lack of sunlight prevents green plants from growing tall.
b) The cold temperatures force plants to remain close to the warmth of the ground.
c) The high winds blow over any trees above a certain height.
d) The frozen ground does not allow roots for large trees to grow.

Which of the following is a difference between tropical and temperate rain forests?
a) Tropical rain forests receive hundreds of centimeters of rain. Temperate rain forests receive less than 100 centimeters.
b) Only tropical rain forests contain a great diversity of life forms.
c) Tropical rain forests are only found at the equator. Temperate rain forests are found in coastal areas around the world.
d) Temperate rain forests are home to a diversity of mammals, while tropical rain forests only have birds, reptiles, and amphibi

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of every desert biome?
a) little plant life
b) low moisture levels
c) mostly barren soil
d) high temperatures

A new, rocky planet is discovered in a distant solar system. Scientists describe the planet as resembling a desert biome. What must be true of the planet?
a) It is extremely dry and cannot support any life.
b) It is extremely hot with very little rainfall.
c) It is extremely cold with 200 cm average snowfall.
d) It has an extreme temperature and is very arid.

Acacia trees would be found in which biome?
a) tropical rainforest
b) savanna
c) desert
d) all of these

How does an ecosystem differ from a biome?
a) An ecosystem is larger than a biome.
b) A biome can be made up of several ecosystems.
c) A biome only includes biotic factors.
d) There is no difference between a biome and an ecosystem.

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