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What is the name for a government run by a king or queen who has unlimited power and tries to control everything their people do?
a) Absolute monarchy
b) limited monarchy
c) direct democracy
d) Dictatorship

The idea that Kings and Queens get their power from God is called _____________.
a) Theological determinism
b) Theocracy
c) Divine Right
d) Schizophrenia

Which of these is NOT a reason why Kings were becoming more powerful in the 1600s?
a) Increase in feudalism
b) Rise of Cities
c) Decline in Feudalism
d) Decline of the Church power

Which of these is NOT an example of an Absolute monarch?
a) Hitler
b) Louis XIV
c) Charles I

What was King Louis the XIV famous for building?
a) churches
b) railroads
c) Versailles
d) St. Peter's Cathedral

Who had to pay for Versailles?
a) Louis XIV
b) French Nobles
c) Banks
d) the tax payers

Which of these is a right given by the English Petition of Right?
a) King needs a reason to put someone in jail
b) King can’t get taxes unless Parliament says yes
c) Soldiers can’t be housed in people’s homes
d) All of these are correct

Why did King Charles I sign the Petition of Right?
a) His daughter was kidnapped
b) he needed Parliament to give him tax money
c) he was tired of leading by himself
d) He thought it was an execution order

What did people start to look to for answers during the scientific revolution?
a) The world around them
b) the Bible
c) Greek philosophers
d) voodoo

Which of these helped spark the Scientific Revolution?
a) Age of exploration
b) New methods to get knowledge
c) New Instruments
d) all of the above

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