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To protect her delicate hands, Fran will not rake the yard, do the dishes, or ___.
a) refuses to scrub the bathtub
b) won't scrub the bathtub
c) scrub the bathtub

Not only did Hank despise the way June chewed with her mouth open, ___finding her wet towels all over the bathroom floor.
a) but also disliked
b) but also disliking
c) but he also disliked

When Delores realized that her father had made lima beans and rice for dinner, she ___, claimed to feel nauseous, and excused herself from the table. The bag of stale popcorn in her room would tide her over until breakfast.
a) clutched her stomach
b) was clutching her stomach
c) did clutch her stomach

When Diane takes her beagle for a walk, Santana enjoys sniffing for edible garbage, ___, and lunging at squirrels.
a) howls at bicyclists
b) howling at bicyclists
c) she howls at bicyclists

After Amanda cashes her paycheck, the money goes to her savings account, cappuccino fund, and ___.
a) paying her credit card bill
b) toward her credit card balance
c) credit card balance

In preparation for her run, Alicia ___, applied sunscreen, and increased the volume on her iPod.
a) tightened her shoelaces
b) was tightening her shoelaces
c) did tighten her shoelaces

We searched the car trunk, ___, and the top of the refrigerator, but we could not find the box of cornflakes that we remember buying.
a) looked on the pantry shelves
b) on the pantry shelves
c) the pantry shelves

Bonkers, our ninety pound golden retriever, chews on furniture, ___, and snots up the car windows—inconveniences we didn't anticipate when we adopted him.
a) would drag us around the neighborhood during
b) he drags us around the neighborhood during walks
c) drags us around the neighborhood during walks

Belinda saw very little of the horror movie, for she shut her eyes ___, when she heard the monster's footsteps in the dead leaves, and when characters started screaming.
a) when the violins began to play
b) while listening to the violins play
c) during the violin music

In Mrs. Curall's office, Ruben feigned the flu. He hoped to be excused from class, get an extension on his paper, and ___.
a) spend the afternoon playing tennis with his friends
b) to spend the afternoon playing tennis with his friends
c) then to spend the afternoon playing tennis with his friends

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