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Puritans attempted to behave:
a) scandalously
b) exemplary
c) malevolently
d) salty

What is an elect
a) select group of cats that have all 9 lives
b) select group of worshipers chosen by the Lord to eat all the tacos
c) select group of worshipers chosen by the Lord to go to heaven
d) select group of worshipers chosen by the Lord to raise the roof

When Edwards attempted to frighten his audience, he is utilizing which rhetorical device?
a) Logos
b) Rhetorical Question
c) Pathos
d) Either / Or Situation

What is not mentioned in 'Sinners'
a) Nature
b) Hell
c) Man
d) Taco

Jonathan Edwards famous sermon supported:
a) all men and women are created equal
b) Adam and Eve's sin damned us for all eternity
c) we are inherently good from birth
d) spiders are scary

One of these things is not like the other . . .
a) reverence for Nature
b) the power of words
c) coexistence with all creatures of the Earth
d) fearing the forest

N.A. Literature often meant to
a) teach newer generations not to mingle with the new colonists
b) reinforce the authority of the bible and the church
c) teach a moral lesson
d) come to truth by using reason and logic

Puritan literature is often . . .
a) instructive
b) rude
c) evangelical

One of these things is not like the other . . .
a) Trickster
b) Origin
c) Oral
d) Purify

a) comparing two unlike things
b) giving humanlike characteristics to something not human
c) a recurring theme throughout the text
d) referring to another person/place/event in history

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