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Where was the last battle of the American Revolution?
a) Yorktown, Virginia
b) Lexington, Massachusetts
c) Charles Town, South Carolina
d) Camden, South Carolina

What happend after the Battle of Cowpens?
a) The Colonies won the war.
b) Lord Cornwallis surrendered.
c) Lord Cornwallis left South Carolina.
d) The South Carolina militia was disbanned.

How was the battle of Camden significant?
a) It showed the Contientals they could not face the British Military face to face.
b) It showed that the militia forces of SC were successful at beating the British.
c) It showed that fighitng is SC was easier for South Carolinias because they knew the land.
d) It showed that Great Britain's Military was not a strong as the Continental Army.

The Declaration of Independence was based on the ideals of
a) The Constitution
b) Republicanism
c) The Bible
d) Democracy

Which of the following is NOT a right granted by the Declaration of Independence?
a) The right to life
b) The right to the freedom of religion
c) The right of liberty
d) The right to the pursuit of happiness

Why did Native-Americans fight with the British?
a) They wanted to get back at the colonist for defeating them during the French and Indian War.
b) They thought if Great Britain won the war, they would be granted their freedom.
c) They wanted Great Britain to help them expand their territory westward.
d) They wanted to take back their land that the colonist had taken from them.

How was warfare in South Carolina during the American Revolution different from warfare from pervious wars?
a) In SC fighting was mostly face to face fighting
b) In SC figthing was mostly in the mountains
c) In SC the soldiers were mostly regular continental soldiers
d) In SC a lot of the fighting was done by militia

Who was known as the Swamp Fox during the Revlutionary War?
a) Francis Marion
b) Thomas Sumter
c) Andrew Pickens
d) Daniel Morgan

What group in South Carolina tended to not support breaking away from Great Britain?
a) Low Country planters
b) Back Country merchants
c) Back country farmers
d) Low Country merchants

What officially broke the colonies away from Great Britain?
a) The French and Indian War
b) The signing of the Declaration of Independence
c) The winning of the American Revolution
d) The formation of the First Continental Congress

Who was the leader of the British Military during the Revolutionary War?
a) King George II
b) Lord Tarelton
c) Daniel Morgan
d) Lord Cornwallis

A colonist who did not want to break away from Great Britain was knonw as a
a) Neutral
b) Patriot
c) Loyalist
d) Continental

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