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What is the author's purpose in writing non-fiction?
a) To give facts and details
b) To tell a story
c) To persuade the reader
d) To express their thoughts and feelings

What is the purpose of a glossary?
a) To show what things look like in the real world.
b) To tell you what a section is about.
c) To show the meaning of important words in the text.
d) To show you the parts of something.

What is the purpose of a diagram?
a) It explains how to do something.
b) It lists items.
c) It tells you about the parts of something.
d) It shows you the parts of something.

What is the purpose of bold print?
a) To make the word look better.
b) To show that a word is important.
c) To show how to spell a word.
d) To show how to pronounce a word.

Which of the following is NOT a non-fiction text feature?
a) Photographs
b) Characters
c) Index
d) Glossary

Which text feature would you use to find out if a word is in the book?
a) Table of Contents
b) Photograph
c) Index
d) Diagram

Which text feature tells the reader about the photograph?
a) The heading
b) The glossary
c) The caption
d) The index

Which of the following tells the reader about a small section of the text?
a) The heading
b) The glossary
c) A diagram
d) The photographs

Which of the following is an example of a non-fiction text?
a) Cinderella
b) James and the Giant Peach
c) Lions: Big Cats of Africa
d) The Five Chinese Brothers

Which of the following text features shows the reader where a place is located?
a) A map
b) A diagram
c) An index
d) A glossary

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