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Which only eats meat?
a) decomposer
b) herbivore
c) carnivore
d) omnivore

Which only eats plants?
a) decomposer
b) herbivore
c) carnivore
d) omnivore

Biodiversity measures the number of species living within an
a) ecosystem
b) habitat
c) organism
d) community

Refer to the illustration. What is shown
a) oligotrophy
b) succession
c) competitive exclusion
d) symbiosis

The heat-trapping ability of some gases in the atmosphere can be compared to
a) the way glass traps heat in a greenhouse
b) condensation because of heating
c) heating water on a stove
d) the melting of snow

In a food web, which type of organism receives energy from every other type?
a) carnivore
b) producer
c) decomposer
d) herbivore

The primary producers in a grassland ecosystem would most likely be
a) algae
b) insects
c) bacteria
d) grasses

a) coevolve with their hosts
b) are usually smaller than their hosts
c) rarely kill their hosts
d) all of these

Which eats plants and animals?
a) scavenger
b) herbivore
c) carnivore
d) omnivore

Which is an abiotic factore?
a) rock
b) dogs
c) cats
d) fish

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