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In both wovens and knits, crosswise yarns are referred to as
a) Bias.
b) diagonal
c) warp
d) weft

The soft, hairy coat of an animal used primarily for coats, outerwear and trimmings is
a) Down.
b) fur
c) leather
d) modacrylic

Which manufactured fiber was the first to be made totally from chemicals?
a) Acetate
b) nylon
c) polyester
d) rayon

Fibers that are man-made and begin as thick liquids are:
a) Knitted.
b) manufactured
c) natural
d) woven

Which disposable items are recycled into a polyester fiber that is being used to make fabric for t-shirts and filling for pillows?
a) Paper napkins
b) plastic bottles
c) styrofoam plates
d) tin cans

Which is a twill weave?
a) Denim
b) sateen
c) seersucker
d) velvet

Which weave creates diagonal ridges on the surface of the fabric resulting in a strong and durable fabric such as denim?
a) Dobby
b) plain
c) satin
d) twill

The two categories of finishes applied to fabric, yarn or fibers to change the appearance, performance, or feel are:
a) Cellulosic and protein.
b) Felting and laminating.
c) Mechanical and chemical
d) Weaving and knitting.

Applying colors, designs, or surface treatments that change the look, feel, or performance of fabrics is
a) Blending.
b) bonding
c) finishing
d) tanning

Which are natural fibers?
a) Acrylic, rayon, and nylon
b) Cotton, silk, and nylon
c) Flax, cotton, and wool
d) Polyester, acrylic, and rayon

Which are animal fibers?
a) Cotton and silk
b) cotton and wool
c) flax and silk
d) wool and silk

Which manufactured fiber is made from coal or petroleum, often blended with other fibers, and has great washability?
a) Acrylic
b) nylon
c) polyester
d) spandex

Which are man-made fibers?
a) Cotton and wool
b) nylon and polyester
c) rayon and wool
d) silk and spandex

The fine, lustrous fiber that comes from the cocoon of a worm is:
a) Cotton.
b) flax
c) silk
d) wool

Fabrics constructed by compacting fibers together using a combination of moisture, heat chemicals, friction, and/or pressure are:
a) Braided.
b) nonwoven
c) quilted
d) woven

The number of stitches, or loops, per inch in a knitted fabric is
a) Denier.
b) gauge
c) grain
d) nap

Which manufactured fiber is silky and luxurious and is often used in neckties and lingerie?
a) Acetate
b) Cotton
c) flax
d) spandex

Which is a group of fibers twisted together to form a continuous strand?
a) Cellulosic fibers
b) cotton
c) protein fibers
d) yarn

Which weave produces a smooth, shiny-surfaced fabric?
a) Dobby
b) plain
c) satin
d) twill

The most widely used of all natural fibers is:
a) cotton
b) Flax.
c) silk
d) wool

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