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Which of the following is the “Law of Conservation of Energy”?
a) Energy can be created and destroyed but cannot be transformed.
b) Energy cannot be created nor destroyed and cannot be transformed.
c) Energy cannot be created nor destroyed but can be transformed.
d) Energy can be created, destroyed and transformed.

Energy stored in an object due to its position is called
a) Kinetic energy
b) Potential Energy
c) Thermal Energy
d) Nuclear Energy

Which of the following is NOT a fossil fuel?
a) Oil
b) Water
c) Coal
d) Natural Gas

Energy is transported from the sun to the earth by
a) radiation
b) convection
c) conduction
d) precipitation

An energy source that will eventually run out is called a(n) __________ resource.
a) renewable
b) endangered
c) non-renewable
d) recycled

A battery converts its stored ____________ energy to provide electrical energy.
a) mechanical
b) chemical
c) thermal
d) kinetic

A car is parked on top of a tall hill. Which of the following will increase its potential energy?
a) adding more passengers
b) parking it at the bottom of the hill
c) painting the outside of the car black to absorb heat

What is conduction?
a) the process of changing a gas to a liquid
b) the circulation of air caused by warmer air rising and cooler air sinking
c) the process of changing a liquid to a gas
d) the movement of heat from one molecule to another

Why is renewable energy important?
a) It can be used in places that do not have access to power plants.
b) Most types do not have waste products that are harmful to the environment.
c) It does not rely on sources that may run out in the future.
d) All of the above

All of the following are examples of insulators except?
a) Wooden stick
b) Cloth mitt
c) Metal stick
d) Silicone Mitt

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