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The foundation for the rise of universities in Europe was laid by
a) Charlemagne.
b) the Greeks.
c) the Romans.
d) Church scholars.

What Renaissance author stated "the end justifies the means?"
a) Shakespeare
b) Petrarch
c) Machiavelli
d) Michelangelo

Education became more secular during the Renaissance. This means that
a) church scholars controlled education.
b) the church established universities.
c) those outside the church took over education.
d) free public education became available.

A major difference between the Italian Renaissance and the Northern Renaissance was that the Northern artists portrayed more
a) religious subjects.
b) secular subjects.
c) Greek architecture.
d) Roman brutality.

Which group emerged as a force in Western Europe during the Age of Charlemagne?
a) Romans
b) Visigoths
c) Franks
d) Vikings

Long-distance trade aided the diffusion of culture between Europe, Africa, and Asia. Which religion is NOT correctly matched to the areas where it spread?
a) Buddhism from China to Korea and Japan
b) Hinduism and Buddhism from India to Southeast Asia
c) Islam into West Africa, Central and Southeast Asia
d) Confucianism from Japan t o China and Korea

Shintoism in Japan coexisted with
a) Islam.
b) Zoroastrianism.
c) Buddhism.
d) Hinduism.

The Mayan, Aztec, and Incan civilization were known for their achievements in
a) calendars, mathematics, and writing.
b) religion, art, and science.
c) government, road building, and religion.
d) farming, mathematics, and religion.

The Hundred Years' War was fought between
a) England and Spain.
b) England and France.
c) Spain and France.
d) Spain and Portugal.

The effects of the Crusades include all of the following EXCEPT
a) weakened the Pope and nobles.
b) stimulated trade throughout the Mediterranean area.
c) strengthened the Byzantine Empire.
d) left a legacy of bitterness between Christians, Muslims, and Jews.

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