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Kirby, come home now!
a) imperative sentence
b) declarative sentence
c) interrogative sentence
d) exclamatory sentence

When the lawyer made the objection, the judge overruled him, so the witness answered the question.
a) compound-complex
b) compound
c) complex
d) all of the above

Ken changed his mind after listening to the long, boring speech.
a) declarative sentence
b) interrogative sentence
c) exclamatory sentence
d) imperative sentence.

__________ so pretentious when you boast about all your accomplishments.
a) You're
b) Your
c) You be
d) Yous

Although it's storming outside, I really want to go to __________ house.
a) their
b) they're
c) there
d) not sure

I really want to go to hear the optimistic speaker_________!
a) too
b) to
c) two
d) I don't want to go!

Identify the independent clause.
a) Sea turtles can live well over a century.
b) Without knowing where we would stop.
c) Swimming thousands of miles around the world.
d) Beached along the soft warm coast.

Identify the dependent clause.
a) Because we ran out of money.
b) Ben and I could not go to the museum.
c) I am listening to him read tomorrow evening.
d) Mr. Chu writes poetry and short stories.

Choose the dependent clause.
a) Before the storm rolls in.
b) The dog enjoys barking at the rain clouds.
c) Don't wash your car this morning.
d) Colton brought all of the laundry inside.

After the bell rang, students shouted with glee outside.
a) complex
b) compound
c) compound-complex
d) dependent clause

I devoured the Hot Tamales as if I had never tasted them before!
a) complex
b) compound
c) compound-complex
d) I hate Hot Tamales

Which is an independent clause?
a) Much of the glacier has melted.
b) The foamy waves below.
c) As the iceberg crashed into the ship.
d) Dripping into the ocean around it.

Which is NOT a subordinate conjunction?
a) so
b) although
c) when
d) before

Kirby can swim in a pool, and he can complete an obstacle course.
a) compound
b) complex
c) compound-complex
d) Gus, the cat, is jealous!

Which is NOT a coordinating conjunction?
a) if
b) but
c) for
d) and

I gave an inspiring review after I finished reading the book.
a) complex
b) compound-complex
c) compound
d) all of the above

As if she had never seen daylight, Tina basked in the fresh air, for she had been stuck inside for days.
a) compound-complex
b) compound
c) complex
d) none of the above

Sue complained to her waiter, so he gave her a discount after he spoke to his manager.
a) compound
b) complex
c) compound-complex
d) I have no clue!

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