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The General Assembly in Georgia passes laws, the Georgia courts declare laws unconstitutional, and the governor vetoes laws. This is an example of
a) federal regulations.
b) checks and balances.
c) partisan politics.
d) political reform.

Which of the following is an example of how the system of checks and balances works in Georgia?
a) reducing property taxes
b) overriding a governor's veto
c) signing a petition to repeal a law
d) appealing a case to a higher court

Who has the power in Georgia's state government to declare a law unconstitutional?
a) Supreme Court of Georgia
b) general assembly of Georgia
c) Georgia's governor
d) Georgia's representatives

Both the United States Constitution and Georgia's Constitution provide for a system of checks and balances. Why did the authors of both constitutions include this system?
a) to encourage cooperation between political parties
b) to ensure that no branch of government becomes too powerful
c) to guarantee that all citizens have equal rights
d) to ensure that large states do not have more power than small states

Which of the following is an accurate statement concerning the 1777 Constitution of Georgia?
a) A unicameral legislature was established.
b) There were only two branches of government.
c) The Georgia state government today is the same as in 1777.
d) Broad powers were given to the governor.

One major weakness of the Articles of Confederation was that
a) the Articles were a set of rules.
b) Congress was able to pass laws.
c) the Articles emphasized states rights.
d) Congress could declare war.

Which man represented Georgia at the Constitutional Convention of 1787?
a) Button Gwinnett
b) James Oglethorpe
c) William Few
d) James Madison

Under the Georgia Constitution of 1777, the governor
a) appointed most court officials.
b) could serve a total of eight years
c) had the authority to vote on legislation
d) was selected by the legislature.

At the Constitutional Convention in 1787, the Great Compromise was introduced in order to
a) end the debate over slavery
b) separate Virginia and West Virginia.
c) maintain peace between England and America.
d) give equal representation to both large and small states.

What is the Proclamation of 1763?
a) A document that established the freedom of the American Colonies
b) A document which forbade settlers from settling past a line drawn along the Appalachian Mountains
c) A document which gave us the northwest territories around Ohio and Michigan
d) A document which helped create the United States' government

All of the following are sections included in the Georgia state constitution EXCEPT
a) Amendments
b) Bill of Rights
c) Court Case Summaries
d) Voting and Elections

What was the main reason that the authors of Georgia's Constitution of 1777 created a weak executive branch of government?
a) They were reacting in fear to the tradition of powerful royal governors.
b) They were trying to avoid conflict between the executive and judicial branches.
c) They believed that the judicial branch should be the most powerful.
d) They were following the British tradition of a strong legislature.

What are the Articles of Confederation?
a) The document that established our government that we still use today.
b) A document written to declare our independence from England
c) The document that was written to establish our original national government
d) A compromise that established a system of checks and balances in the federal government

What is the Great Compromise?
a) A compromise that said that 3 out of 5 slaves would count towards a states population
b) It that established a two-part legislature, one represented based on population and the other of equal representation
c) It allowed slavery to continue in the south but could not be established in the new states

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