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Lombroso believed:
a) crime can be explained by environment
b) societal factors produce criminality
c) criminals are less evolved
d) fashion and custom explain how crime techniques evolve

The concept of somatotypes deals with:
a) bumps on the head
b) complex structural theories
c) general body structures
d) recessive genes

Which is NOT a Positivist policy/program?
a) Head Start educational programs
b) treatment for those at risk of delinquency
c) offender diagnostic and screening processes
d) restrictions on TV and movie content

Cognitive theory looks at differences in thinking patterns between “normal” and criminals.
a) True
b) False

Eysenck's theory of personality had 3 components:
a) neuroticism
b) extraversion
c) psychoticism
d) all of these

What evolves during individual development when restrictions, mores, and values of society are learned?
a) superego
b) id
c) ego
d) libido

Manifest delinquency results in antisocial behavior.
a) True
b) False

Which is NOT a level of low IQ according to Goddard?
a) moron
b) imbecile
c) fool
d) idiot

The standard for insanity defense which offenders claim that they're unable to control behavior due to mental illness
a) irresistible impulse test
b) M'Naughten Rule
c) Durham test
d) none of these

Biosocial perspectives see individuals as
a) predetermined to commit crime
b) predisposed to commit crime
c) neither of these
d) both of these

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