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Social challenges facing urban America in 1900s:
a) industrialization, unemployment
b) mass immigration, Great Depression
c) Prohibition, organized crime
d) All of these

The Chicago School used which research methods
a) ethnography
b) official data
c) both of these
d) neither of these

The chromosomal abnormality possibly linked to criminality
a) XYY
b) XO
c) XXX
d) XXY

Brain trauma areas associated with offending
a) frontal lobe
b) temporal lobe
c) both of these
d) neither of these

A government that strives for the greatest good for the greatest number is
a) utilitarian
b) authoritarian
c) free will
d) culpable

Which paradigm is best for explaining the mental calculations of a criminal
a) classical school
b) positive school
c) metaphysical
d) supernatural

An example of an unsuitable target would be
a) a well-fortified bank
b) a drunk person
c) an unlocked car
d) a vacant home

The element Beccaria believed to be most important
a) certainty
b) celerity
c) severity
d) conforming

The Chicago School studied the interaction between individuals and their environment.
a) True
b) False

High crime areas are called
a) hot spots
b) routine spots
c) friendly spots
d) all-aboard spots

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