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Technological and social advancements during the Neolithic Era include all of the following EXCEPT the development of
a) irrigation systems.
b) caves for shelter.
c) weaving skills.
d) domestication of animals.

Taoism places an emphasis on
a) a code of politeness.
b) respect for elders.
c) formal education.
d) harmony with nature.

The reformer whose new economic and political laws paved the way for Athenian democracy was
a) Solon.
b) Xerxes.
c) Philip II.
d) Alexander.

The Roman goddess of wisdom and war is
a) Athena.
b) Juno.
c) Minerva.
d) Diana.

Who was Rome's first emperor?
a) Marc Antony
b) Marcus Lepidus
c) Augustus Caesar
d) Julius Caesar

Which of the following was NOT a technological advance invented by the Romans?
a) Public baths
b) Aqueducts
c) Arches
d) Columns

All of the following were true of the Age of Charlemagne EXCEPT that
a) Roman culture was revived.
b) Charles Martel became king of the Franks.
c) the Frankish kingdom grew to include most of western Europe.
d) the power of the church was established in political life.

The heartland of the Inca empire was the present day country of
a) Mexico.
b) Canada.
c) Guatemala.
d) Peru.

The feudal lord who invaded and conquered England in 1066 was
a) Hugh Capet.
b) William of Normandy.
c) Frederick Barbarossa.
d) Harold the Saxon.

Which of the following is NOT a true statement about the plague?
a) It first reached Europe by ships from the Black Sea.
b) It strengthened the power of feudal lords and the manor's economy.
c) New outbreaks occurred every few years for several centuries.
d) It claimed more lives than any war until the twentieth century.

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