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a) she overcomes
b) he is overcoming
c) he overcame
d) she will overcome

they will praise
a) laudabint
b) laudabant
c) laudant
d) laudabunt

y'all wandered
a) errabatis
b) errabitis
c) erratis
d) errabamus

a) you will owe
b) debes
c) debebas
d) debet

she sees
a) videt
b) videbat
c) videbit
d) videbunt

a) I was having
b) I will have
c) I have
d) I had

they used to save
a) servabant
b) servabunt
c) servant
d) servabint

a) I loved
b) we loved
c) we will love
d) I will love

I am giving
a) dabam
b) do
c) dabo
d) dare

a) I will be well
b) we will have strength
c) we were well
d) I will have strength

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