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What is the difference between speed and velocity?
a) Distance
b) Time
c) Direction
d) Acceleration

What is the formula for calculating speed?
a) S= T/D
b) S=D/T
c) S=D*T
d) S=D/V

Total Distance divided by Total Time is what?
a) Constant Speed
b) Acceleration
c) Velocity
d) Average Speed

All of the following can cause acceleration except what?
a) Unbalanced Force
b) Slowing Down
c) Turning Direction
d) Balanced Force

The car drives at 60 m/h North and the exits onto the access road
a) Speed
b) Velocity
c) Acceleration
d) Both velocity and acceleration

The plane flies at 220 m/h in the sky
a) Speed
b) Velocity
c) Acceleration
d) Both Velocity and Acceleration

Distance traveled in a certain amount of time?
a) Velocity
b) Speed
c) Acceleration

The wind blows 25 m/h South
a) Velocity
b) Speed
c) Both velocity and Speed

If I walk at a constant speed around the room, will I be accelerating?
a) No
b) Yes

Jalen runs 3.5 miles in 42 minutes, what is his speed?
a) 1 m/min
b) 12 m/min
c) 0.08 m/min
d) 0.7 m/min

Dorian is being chased by Mrs. Montiel. Mrs. Montiel runs with a speed of 9 m/s, and Dorian runs 312 metes in 45 seconds. Would Mrs. Montiel catch him, and what is his speed?
a) No, 14.3 m/s
b) No, 4.16 m/s
c) Yes, 6.9 m/s
d) Yes, 0.14 m/s

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