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What causes an object to change it motion (accelerate)?
a) Balanced Forces
b) Unbalanced Forces
c) Force
d) Gravity

The total of all forces acting on an object:
a) Net Force
b) Balanced Forces
c) Unbalanced Forces
d) Inertia

If force arrows are pointing in the same direction you would do what with them?
a) Subtract
b) Multiply
c) Divide
d) Add

When force arrows point in opposite direction you:
a) Subtract
b) Multiply
c) Add
d) Divide

If an object has a net force of zero what would happen?
a) It would accelerate
b) It would not change its motion
c) It would move left
d) It would move right

Bob pushes with a force of 17 N to the right and Sue pushed with a force of 9N to the left. What is the net Force?
a) 8 N to the left
b) 26 N to the left
c) 8 N to the right
d) 26 N to the right

Force arrows represent what:
a) Direction and Distance
b) Direction and acceleration
c) Direction and magnitude
d) Direction and size

Killian pulls with a force of 20 N to the left on the tug o war rope. Mrs. Montiel pulls with a force of 22 N to the right. Who would win?
a) Killian
b) Mrs. Montiel
c) No one would win
d) They both would win

Grace and Mrs. Montiel are trying to move a box. Grace pushes with a 13 N force to the left and Mrs. Montiel pulls with a 13 N force to the left. What is the net force on the box?
a) 0 N
b) 23 N right
c) 26 N Left
d) 26 N right

Jamal and Sarah are fighting over a seat. Jamal pulls with a 7 N force to the right and Sarah pulls with a 7 N force to the left. Who will get the seat?
a) Jamal
b) Sarah
c) No one will get the seat
d) They both will get the seat

A push or pull on an object is a:
a) Force
b) Inertia
c) Velocity
d) Speed

What is a force that always acts in the opposite direction of movement?
a) Balanced Force
b) Unbalanced Force
c) Friction
d) Net Force

Tre pulls with a 10 N force to the right and Dez pulls with a 10 N force to the left. The forces in this case are what?
a) Balanced
b) Unbalanced

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