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Compared to the offspring produced by sexual reproduction, the offspring produced by asexual reproduction will be
a) Less vulnerable to prey
b) larger in size
c) better adapted to their habitat
d) more genetically uniformed

The passage of genetic instructions from generation to the next generation
a) Chromosomes
b) Trait
c) Gene
d) Heredity

Pieces of DNA that pass genetic traits from parent to offspring found on the chromosomes
a) Chromosome
b) Trait
c) Gene
d) Heredity

Characteristics that are passed on from parent to offspring
a) Chromosome
b) Trait
c) Gene
d) Heredity

Thread-like cellular structure that carries genetic information found in nucleus
a) Chromosome
b) Trait
c) Gene
d) Heredity

A Father has a daughter. Which trait is the father most likely to pass down to his daughter?
a) Pierced ears
b) Dyed Pink hair
c) Tattoos
d) Brown eyes

The type of reproduction where only 1 parent is involved is called
a) Sexual
b) Di-clonal
c) Di-Zygomatic
d) Asexual

Identical genetic copies are known as
a) Clones
b) Zack and Cody
c) Differents
d) Specials

Sections of DNA within a chromosome are called
a) Superunits
b) Tripods
c) Recombipods
d) Genes

Which of the following is NOT true about Gregor Mendel and his contributions to modern genetics?
a) he is known as the father of genetics
b) he was given the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in genetics
c) he used pea plants to discover that traits are controlled by genes
d) He proved that some traits are dominant and some traits are recessive.

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