Basic World History B Final Review Question Preview (ID: 2146)

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The U.S. is transforming into a global society in the following ways EXCEPT
a) Encouraging nations to imitate America and Americans
b) Many Americans listen to music from foreign nations and countries
c) Many cartoons and movies made overseas become popular in the U.S.
d) There is a wide variety of ethnic foods in America.

The Shah of Iran modernized the nation in all of the following ways, EXCEPT
a) Building highways and factories
b) Giving peasants land
c) Creating new industries and schools
d) Giving women more freedom

Soviet leader Gorbachev made changes to the Soviet Union that included all of the following, EXCEPT
a) Allowing people to speak out against the government
b) Giving the press more freedoms and less censorship
c) Encouraging factories to produce more consumer goods
d) Break up the Soviet Union into smaller nations and countries

The United States eventually recognized China because...
a) The U.S. agreed with communism
b) The U.S. wanted China on the side of the Allies during World War II
c) The U.S. wanted to recognize China so it could engage in business and trade
d) The U.S. wanted to secretly change China to a democracy

Which Asian nation has not been successful with developing a strong economy?
a) Indonesia
b) Japan
c) China
d) South Korea

Which were the first two African colonies to gain their independence?
a) Liberia and Algeria
b) South Africa and Egypt
c) Cameroon and Chad
d) Tunisia and Morocco

Land reform was successful in all of the following nations EXCEPT...
a) Nicaragua
b) Panama
c) Cuba
d) Peru

Who did India receive its independence from in 1947?
a) France
b) Russia
c) The United States
d) Great Britain (England)

Who claims the rights to outer space?
a) The U.S.
b) Russia
c) Outer space is considered international territory
d) China

The South African policy that denied black citizens economic, political, and social rights was called...
a) Jim Crow Laws
b) Apartheid
c) Segregation
d) Discrimination

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