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Which of the following is NOT something that predicts whether or not a person will vote?
a) Age
b) Income
c) Climate
d) Education

Who elects the president and vice president?
a) Popular vote
b) Electoral College
c) Citizens only
d) House of Representatives

How are the number of electoral votes for each state determined?
a) Based on the Congressional Representation (House of Representatives and Senate)
b) How big your state is
c) Based on population only
d) They all get the same amount

How many electoral votes does a candidate need to win the election?
a) 538
b) 260
c) 270
d) 435

Which of these is NOT a requirement to vote?
a) US Citizen
b) Resident of Virginia
c) 18 years old
d) Have a driver's license

Most people vote when -
a) It's a presidential election
b) they don't care about the issues
c) during midterm elections
d) during a gubernatorial election

People can register in all of the following ways EXCEPT -
a) Online
b) By mail
c) At the registrar's office
d) while in jail

The winner-take-all system
a) leads to candidates focusing on smaller states only
b) gives third parties a good chance of winning the election
c) splits votes between the candidates
d) favors a two-party system

Bob, did not listen to any of the campaign speeches or learn about the platforms of either party. When election day came, he didn't vote. Why?
a) lack of interest
b) he didn't register on time
c) he isn't old enough
d) he isn't a citizen

Dave is 25 years old, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of Virginia, but they wouldn't let him vote. Why?
a) His age
b) His income
c) His citizenship status
d) He didn't register

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