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Third Parties impact the American political system by -
a) Getting a large number of votes
b) Electing a lot of people into the presidency
c) Introducing new ideas and issues
d) Reflecting both liberal and conservative views

In the United States, what type of party system do we have?
a) single-party system
b) multi-party system
c) three-party system
d) two-party system

Political parties have many functions. Which one of the statements below identifies one of those functions?
a) Choosing judges
b) Nominating and recruiting qualified candidates
c) Picking the President's cabinet
d) Revolving around one political personality

When the party out of power pays close attention to the actions of the party in power, what function of a political party are they doing?
a) Acting as the watch dog
b) Recruiting and nominating candidates
c) Educating the electorate
d) Helping candidates win elections

When people donate money to the political party they support and try to convince others to vote for their candidate, which function of a political party are they doing?
a) Recruiting and nominating candidates
b) Acting as the watchdog
c) Helping candidates win elections
d) Educating the electorate

Political parties are similar in all of the following ways EXCEPT -
a) Their Party Platform
b) They want to influence public policy
c) They reflect both liberal and conservative views
d) They appeal to the political center in order to win more votes

Which of the following is true regarding the political spectrum?
a) The majority of Americans on towards the middle
b) Republicans are on the left, and Democrats are on the right
c) Most people tend to be on the end with extreme views.
d) Third parties are not on the political spectrum

All of the following are true of third parties, EXCEPT -
a) They revolve around political personalities
b) They rarely win elections
c) They sometimes focus only on one or two specific issues
d) They are on the ballot in every state

Candidate A supports a small government and larger military; Candidate B supports a larger government and smaller military. These are differences in the political parties' -
a) Platform
b) District
c) Referendum
d) Ballot

When candidates make speeches to explain their platform on different issues so that the people understand their platform, they are:
a) Recruiting and nominating candidates
b) Helping candidates win the election
c) Educating the electorate
d) Acting as a watchdog

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