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What is an example of a unicellular organism?
a) Paramecium
b) Gorilla
c) Human
d) Fly

Why was there a 150-200 year gap in cell research?
a) People believed in spontaneous generation
b) People forgot about cells
c) There was nothing more to learn about them
d) Scientists did not believe cells existed anymore.

Which statement is NOT true of the Cell Theory's importance?
a) It is the basis for everything we know about living organisms
b) It's not important because It is just a theory
c) Scientists can use it to help find cures for diseases
d) Scientists use it to understand the spread of a virus

Which statement best explains the Cell Theory concept that cells carry out life functions.
a) Cells do what they want when they want
b) Cells can not do anything on their own
c) All cells have jobs or parts inside them that do a job to make an organism work
d) Your cells can walk and breathe for you

What did Redi and Pasteur's experiements have in common?
a) They both proved cells can grow from nothing
b) Redi's proved cells can grow from anywhere and Pasteur's proved they can only grow from living cells
c) They both proved cells can only grow from other living cells
d) They both used the same materials for their experiement

Which statement is NOT part of the Cell Theory
a) Cells can only come from other living cells
b) Cells carry out all functions needed to support life
c) All cells start out as at least one cell
d) Cells can grow from non-living material

Which statement is NOT true about Francesco Redi's experiement?
a) He proved cells can only come from other cells
b) He disproved spontaneous generation
c) He used jars of raw meat to try and grow maggots
d) He used flasks of broth

Which statement is NOT true about Louis Pasteur's experiment?
a) He used flasks of boiled broth
b) He proved cells can only grow from other cells
c) He disproved spontaneous generation
d) He used raw meat and maggots

What is the name of the scientist who named the cell?
a) Robert Hooke
b) Anton Von Leeuwenhoek
c) Francesco Redi
d) Louis Pasteur

What is the best description for spontaneous generation?
a) The theory that cells grow from other cells
b) The theory that cells grew from nothing
c) The term used to describe an imptomptu family gathering
d) A term that means cells are alive

What invention led to the discovery of cells?
a) telescope
b) magnifying glass
c) microscope
d) glasses

What is the process that is still used today that heats something to kill the bacteria.
a) Hooke and Ladder
b) Microscope
c) Pasteurization
d) Redi Whip

What is NOT a way that the general knowledge of cells has been used in our world?
a) To study diseases
b) For medical research
c) To find a cure for cancer
d) To help make a better table

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