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• If a son has struck his father, they shall cut off is hand. • If a man put out the eye of another man, his eye shall be put out. • If he breaks another man’s bone, his bone shall be broken. Which document contains these statements?
a) Ten Commandments
b) Code of Hammurabi
c) Edict of Ashoka
d) Twelve Tables

A primary reason for the development of an early civilization in the Tigris-Euphrates river valleys was that
a) The location allowed for easy trave
b) Periodic flooding left rich soil, which was ideal for farming
c) These rivers provided a direct trade route between Europe and Asia
d) These rivers flowed into the Mediterranean Sea

All of the following are elements of a civilization except
a) government
b) religion
c) educational system
d) written language

Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia both had this type of religion…
a) positive
b) monotheistic
c) polytheistic
d) simple

How was Mesopotamian culture different from Egyptian culture?
a) The Egyptians had a written code of law
b) Egypt was monotheistic and Mesopotamia was polytheisitic
c) Mesopotamia had both city-states and a written code of law
d) Egyptians loved Harry Potter

Hunter-Gatherers moving from one place to another to find food and water is an example of:
a) Migration
b) Adaptation
c) Innovation
d) Emergence

In Ancient Egypt, many groups of people existed. Pharaohs were at the top, Viziers and Priests answered to the Pharaoh, Nobles answered to the Viziers, and Peasants answered to everyone. Grouping people in society by a common economic, cultural, or
a) Social Structure
b) Job Specialization
c) Government
d) Religion

In Egypt’s social class system which of the following would be considered the highest level or most important level
a) Merchant
b) Artisan
c) Pharaoh
d) Farmer

In Mesopotamia citizens had specific tasks to accomplish - some people were farmers, some were craftsmen, and others were merchants. They all performed different tasks that led to the success of Mesopotamia. This process is best described as:
a) Government
b) Job Specialization
c) Religion
d) Adapatation

In order to grow crops Mesopotamian farmers depended on
a) Heavy rains that frequently fell across the region
b) Managing the violent flooding with irrigation systems
c) Trading with neighboring city-states
d) The wild berries, nuts, and plants

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