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In order to move on to the social stage you must obtain ___________ in the safety stage.
a) clothing
b) water
c) food
d) shelter

Most middle school students are at this stage of Maslow's Heirarchy.
a) social stage
b) physical stage
c) safety stage
d) self actualization

Gandhi was an activists that cared about the equality and freedom of his people. He most likely reached which stage
a) Social Stage
b) Self Actualization
c) Physical Stage
d) Self Esteem

Maslow said that you must reach this stage in order to move on to safety stage
a) food
b) social stage
c) physical stage
d) safety stage

Maturity is a state of
a) 21 years old
b) having confidence
c) being older
d) being fully grown

This man had a huge impact on the study of personality
a) Abraham Maslow
b) Abraham Meslow
c) Abrahim Maslew
d) Abraham Lincoln

Realizing that boys and girls react differently and are treated differently is known as..
a) homophobia
b) sexism
c) stereotyping
d) gender identification

When the bell rings I should
a) put my hand up and end my conversations
b) put my hand up and continue to be disrespectful
c) put my hand down
d) finish the last few things I wanted to say

The last step to Maslow Hierarchy is
a) Physical Stage
b) Self Actualization
c) Safety Stage
d) Esteem Needs

Thinking all members of a group share similar characteristics is known as..
a) stereotyping
b) gender identity
c) sexism
d) religion

Self concept is
a) how you view yourself and your role in life
b) how you feel about yourself
c) how you feel on the inside
d) looking in the mirror

Self esteem is
a) is always confidence to perform well
b) how you feel about yourself
c) how you look in a mirror
d) is easy to gain

Modeling helps us because
a) we get on the front page of magazines
b) learn by watching and imitating others
c) we learn from punishment and rewards
d) learn by watching and irritating others

Conditioning occurs when we
a) learn through punishment
b) learn through rewards
c) use when it is hot out
d) learn through rewards and punishment

An extrovert is
a) a person who prefers to be alone or with a few friends
b) a shy unpopular person
c) a person who is very outgoing, likes being in the middle of things
d) always popular

An introvert is someone who
a) a person who is very outgoing, likes being in the middle of things
b) loud and talkative
c) someone who is shy and popular
d) a person who prefers to be alone or with a few friends

The two areas that influence our personality are
a) our fathers and tv
b) good environment
c) heredity and environment
d) the news and internet

Personality is....
a) the mix of how we feel and behave
b) something we enjoy about everyone we meet
c) the same for most people
d) sets us apart from animals

Even though someone has reached self actualization they havn't stopped growing because
a) we should continue to set goals and seek improvement
b) our ears never stop growing
c) self actualization is impossible
d) there are 2 more stages to go

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