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Which of the following is NOT a characteristic that all living things share?
a) amount of cells
b) using energy
c) movement
d) reproduction

Which of the following do all living things need to survive?
a) water
b) oxygen
c) sunlight
d) carbon dioxide

What can a scientist use to identify an organism?
a) domain
b) controlled experiment
c) taxonomy key
d) educated guess

What is taxonomy?
a) the scientific study of who living things are classified
b) the name of Aristotle's classification system
c) the process used by geologists to classify rocks
d) the process of observing an organism's behavior

Why do scientists organize living things into groups?
a) so they can find them in the wild more easily
b) so that they organisms are easier to study
c) so they can make sense of the variety of rocks on Earth
d) so products from living things can be easily found in the grocery store

An organism's scientific name consists of which two levels?
a) name and kingdom
b) order and class
c) genus and species
d) family and domain

The gradual change in species over time is called
a) taxonomy
b) homeostasis
c) evolution
d) classification

The source of energy for most autotrophs (plants) is
a) water
b) sun
c) heterotrophs
d) other plants

Which classification level is above the kingdom level?
a) order
b) class
c) family
d) domain

Which is the classification level is the smallest?
a) kingdom
b) domain
c) class
d) species

Single-celled organisms are called
a) multicellular
b) unicellular
c) bicellular
d) tricellular

A change in an organism's surroundings that causes it to react is called
a) a response
b) a stimulus
c) energy
d) development

An organism that makes its own food is called a(n)
a) heterotroph
b) eukaryote
c) autotroph
d) human

One characteristic used to place organisms into kingdoms is
a) how they move
b) where they live
c) their ability to make food or not
d) their height

Homeostasis refers to an organism's ability to
a) maintain stable internal conditions
b) compete for living space
c) dissolve chemicals
d) obtain energy

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