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What is the major conflict in the story?
a) kids v. adults
b) kids v. sentinel
c) Duffy v. Andrew

From what type of point of view is the story told?
a) Third person limited
b) Third person omniscient
c) First person

What is the theme of this story?
a) Don't be forgetful.
b) Camping can be scary.
c) Friends and family are important.

What is the complete setting of the story?
a) A cabin in the woods on an October night.
b) A cabin in the woods
c) October

Why do Duffy’s mom and the narrator’s mom try to do “man stuff” with the children?
a) The dad's want to do these things.
b) They are single moms raising two boys.
c) They think man stuff is fun.

When is the climax of the story?
a) When Duffy's jacket is returned
b) When Mom and Aunt Elise go into town
c) When the monster is thumping at the door and the kids are afraid

Who is the narrator of the story?
a) Duffy
b) Andrew
c) Marie

Why does Andrew describe the cabin as being: eighteen million miles from nowhere ?
a) He wants to add to the setting to help create a spooky mood.
b) The cabin is eighteen million miles away from his house.
c) He doesn't want to go camping.

Who is telling the story?
a) Duffy
b) Marie
c) Narrator

What is Duffy's most obvious character trait?
a) He's silly.
b) He's forgetful.
c) He's frightened.

What type of conflict is present in this story?
a) character v. society
b) character v. self
c) character v. charater

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