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In homes, families share the love of the ______ _______.
a) Holy Trinity
b) Gods
c) Spirit
d) authority

Who is the person whom Mary visited?
a) Peter
b) Paul
c) Elizabeth
d) Matthew

The power to make decisions....
a) thinking
b) fast acting
c) time
d) authority

Who has authority to love and care for you?
a) your parents, your teacher and your principal
b) birds
c) the street
d) your cat

What's another name for the family?
a) parish church
b) worldwide Church
c) church of the home
d) anything

Elizabeth's words are in _______.
a) Hail Mary
b) Our Father
c) Mass
d) a notebook

Your FIRST teachers about God are in _________ .
a) at college
b) your Church
c) your school
d) your home

What do you owe to family members?
a) candy
b) love and respect
c) to be angry at them
d) disrespect

Why should you respect people who have authority over you?
a) They can boss me around.
b) They told me to.
c) Only if they are wearing a red shirt.
d) I should respect people with authority because they represent God.

Why is DOMESTIC CHURCH a good name for the family?
a) The family teaches its members to love and serve God, just as the Church teaches its members to love and serve God.
b) We cook and clean in a family.
c) It sounds good.
d) It is not a good name for the family.

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