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Place where Napoleon was defeated during his Hundred Days
a) Elba
b) Waterloo
c) St. Helena
d) Crete

Napoleon was first exiled from France here, he escaped.
a) Elba
b) Waterloo
c) St. Helena
d) Crete

This person overthrew the Directory through a Coup d'etat. He became Consul (emperor)
a) Napoleon Bonaparte
b) Louis Napoleon
c) King Louis XVII
d) None of the above

The leader of France at the Start of the Revolution
a) Napoleon Bonapart
b) Louis XVI
c) Maxamillien Robespierre
d) James II

The five moderate men who ruled France after Robespierre was beheaded, from 1795-1799
a) National Convention
b) Legislative Assembly
c) National Assembly
d) The Directory

leader of the Committee of Public Safety during the Reign of Terror
a) Maxamillien Robespierre
b) King Louis XVI
c) Louis Napoleon
d) None of the above

The bloody event from France in 1789-1799
a) The French Revolution
b) The French and Indian War
c) The storming of the Bastille
d) None of the above

True or False: Suffrage means the right to vote.
a) True
b) False

The name of the invention used for the execution of Frenchmen during the Revolution
a) Cannon
b) Guillotine
c) Musket
d) Machine Gun

The French Constitution made up by the National Assembly
a) Tennis Court Oath
b) Basketball Court Oath
c) Baseball Diamond Oath
d) Football Field Oath

This Prison/Armory was stormed after the Tennis Court Oath by the women of France.
a) Westphalia
b) Versailles
c) Stuttgart
d) Bastille

France's Legislative Body
a) Estates General
b) Parliament
c) Congress
d) Luftwaffe

The name of the 3rd Estate after it seceded from France and the Estates General
a) Legislative Assembly
b) National Convention
c) National Assembly
d) French Republic

Doctors, Lawyers, Merchants, and Peasants in France's class system;97% of the population and paid all of the taxes in france. Severely misrepresented in France's legislature
a) 1st Estate
b) 2nd Estate
c) 3rd Estate
d) 4th Estate

France's Nobility class system in the 1700s;made up 2% of the population;25% of the land
a) 1st Estate
b) 2nd Estate
c) 3rd Estate
d) 4th Estate

The clergy in France's class system in the 1700s;1% of the population;owned 15% of the land
a) 1st Estate
b) 2nd Estate
c) 3rd Estate
d) 4th Estate

Place where Napoleon was exiled the 2nd time. He died here.
a) Elba
b) Waterloo
c) St. Helena
d) Crete

Napoleon's final attempt at power
a) 100 Days
b) 100 Months
c) 100 Weeks
d) None of the above

restored the borders of Europe in 1815 back to what it was before the French Revolution.
a) Congress of Vienna
b) Congress of Berlin
c) Congress of Versailles
d) Congress of Verdun

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