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Social Studies Final.

What was the Columbian Exchange ?
a) Sending food and people from the old world to the new world.
b) Sending animals and plants from the old world to the new world
c) The moving of animals, plants, people, and diseases from Central and South America to North America
d) The moving of animals, plants, and diseases from the Old World to the new World and from the New World to the Old World.

What was one result of the colonization of Canada by Europeans?
a) Europeans are no longer welcome in Canada.
b) Canada’s official languages are English and French.
c) Great Britain has no relationship with Canada in the 21st Century
d) The Canadian Revolution removed the French and English from Power.

Who claimed Australia for Great Britain
a) George III
b) Captain James Cook
c) Christopher Columbus
d) Prince Henry the Navigator

Which solution is a way that the government is trying reduce pollution in Mexico City?
a) Ignoring cars with exhaust problems
b) Reducing the number of buses and trains
c) Making sure the population continues to grow
d) Increasing the number of cars that produce little or no air pollution

What is the goal of the independence movement in Quebec
a) For Quebec to have its own monarch
b) For Quebec to be an independent country
c) To have Quebec become a part of France again
d) To have the rest of Canada become French- speaking.

What was the leading cause of death of the Aztec and Inca brought by the Conquistadors?
a) Disease
b) An army
c) Canon
d) Mrs. Wood

Who is in charge in an Autocratic form of Government?
a) Dictator
b) President
c) Parliamentary
d) Monarch

A blending of two economic systems is called a
a) Market Economy
b) Mixed Economy
c) Command Economy
d) Traditional Economy

Why are Spanish and Portuguese the main Languages of Latin America?
a) People from Spain and Portugal colonized Latin America
b) People in Latin America found Spanish and Portuguese easy to learn
c) The Roman Catholic Church did not allow people to speak English or French.
d) Indigenous people switched to these languages to make communication easier.

In which form of government would the “will of the people” MOST likely be the rule of the law?
a) Autocracy
b) Democracy
c) Oligarchy
d) d. Traditional

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